Frequently Asked Questions

What is FlyBy and how does it work?
FLyBy Software enables mobile ordering for any stadium, event, or retail operation. Customers can scan a QR code or visit our website to gain access to your menu or sales options. They can then choose their items, select a pickup time, and a location that works best for them.
Can FlyBy be used for a single event instead of being integrated into an existing facility?
Yes, absolutely! Contact our sales team to learn more about how our services can enhance the experience for your customers.
How do I delete my account and data?
Please send us an email at and we will delete your account information.
Why should I purchase FlyBy for my venue/restaurant/event?
FlyBy is an inexpensive and convenient option to provide your customers with a seamless online ordering experience. We make long lines a thing of the past when your customers now have the option of when and where they want to pick up their items.
Is FlyBy just for ordering food?
No - FlyBy can be used to facilitate online ordering for any type of retail operation.
How much does FlyBy cost?
Whether you are purchasing FlyBy for a single event or as a permanent solution for your facility or retail operation, we can discuss various single-use payments or a set monthly fee. Contact our sales team to learn more about our pricing.